Napa, here I come!

Welcome to Napa Valley!
Welcome to Napa Valley!

No, it’s not a just a trip, but it’s a brand new life for me! Taking off the end of 2013 really allowed me to relax and open my heart and mind. When my part-time wine business employment ended, I didn’t panic, but just decided to breathe. I reached out to my wine and travel contacts to let them know I was seeking employment opportunities. Two responded. One was in the form of a text message: “Have you ever thought of moving to Napa?” Without hesitation, my intuition replied yes. Thus, my journey to Napa began.

Winter Vineyard Sunset in Napa Valley
Winter Vineyard Sunset in Napa Valley

I’ll be living in Napa and working full-time at a winery in St. Helena. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. However, when I look back at my recent past, from 2008 to the present, I can now see my path: wine business travel manager, my first wine moment, participation in virtual Twitter tastings, the start of my wine and travel blog, WSET courses, my first wine business job, and now this. I believe we all have a path of which we may not aware. To find it, just allow yourself be open to following your passion and trust your heart, your core, your gut, your intuition.

Author: Beth

I am currently a wine club, marketing, and social media manager located in the Napa Valley. I was introduced to wine by way of current and former travel clients. I am an independent travel planner with Montrose Travel and owner of Vine Journey, which provides customized, virtual travel services for business and leisure clients. My specialties include wine-related business and leisure travel. I speak English, French, and Spanish. I hold Wine and Spirit Education Trust‘s Advanced, Intermediate, and Foundation Awards in Wines and Spirits, a B.S.Ed. in French, an M.A. in French, 30 undergraduate and graduate hours in Spanish, and a D.A. (Doctor of Arts) in Community College and Language Education.

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  1. Beth, it has truly been a journey…now your future is wide open. The world is your oyster! It’s okay that the smile never leaves your face!

  2. All the best, Beth…really good news and so happy for you. Sounds like it’s going to be a treat for your readers too. Congratulations

  3. Congrats, Beth! You deserve it. Exactly what is your job? I find it amazing the number of people I have met via Twitter who have moved on to fun and exciting jobs in the wine industry. Good luck, enjoy!!!

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