Obscurity Thwarted

Life is a brief, small, and transitory phenomenon in an obscure corner, not at all the sort of thing that one would make a fuss about if one were not personally concerned. ~ Bertrand Russell As I write this, my the death of my mother on January 9, 2017 is obscuring my ability to do … More Obscurity Thwarted

Dutton-Goldfield Winery

Once you visit Dutton-Goldfield Winery in the Russian River Valley, you understand the significance of the phrase ‘cool climate’ with regard to winegrowing and winemaking. It is indeed quite chilly in the mornings, with moderating breezes throughout the day. I must confess that if I were not living in the Napa Valley, I would love to … More Dutton-Goldfield Winery

My ‘Winestory’

Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ reminded me that it was three years ago, December 3, 2013 that I accepted my first full-time job in the wine business at a winery in the Napa Valley. At the time, I was not-so-gainfully unemployed after eleven months of severance and part-time work. I had been offered the job before … More My ‘Winestory’

Shelburne Vineyard

From its humble beginnings of backyard grape growing, to small commercial production, to today’s multi-site vineyards, winery, and tasting room, Shelburne Vineyard has achieved the winery’s mission of creating a sustainable, viable winegrowing business. *CLICK HERE TO READ*