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I taught community college French and Spanish in Southwest Virginia until an unexpected budgetary reduction in force in fall 2012 caused me to rethink my life’s journey. During my last semester of full-time teaching, I completed Wine & Spirit Education Trust‘s Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Intermediate Courses With Distinction. In 2013, I held multiple part-time positions – online professor for another college and executive assistant for a wine broker and importer – the latter of which got my foot in the door of the wine industry.

In 2014, I moved from Bristol, Virginia, to Napa Valley, California, to start my new career and life. During my first four months in Napa Valley, I completed Wine & Spirit Education Trust‘s Level 3 Advanced Course With Merit via home study. During fall semester 2016, I studied Wine Marketing and Sales at Napa Valley College under Paul Wagner, founder of Balzac Communications. I am also the founder of Vine Journey, my home-based travel business, and a freelance writer for basil & salt magazine, Drizly, and Snooth.

In addition to my wine studies, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in French (summa cum laude), a Master of Arts degree in French, 12 undergraduate hours in Spanish, 18 graduate hours in Spanish, and a doctoral degree in Community College and Language Education (top program graduate). My doctoral dissertation was entitled Differences in attitudes, experiences, and success between delivering and receiving site students in interactive television foreign language classes.

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All opinions expressed here are my own.

Elizabeth Smith

18 thoughts on “About Elizabeth Smith

  1. Hi there traveling Wine Chick,
    I am writing from an Agriturismo (Vacation Farm), Il Poggiarello, which sits in the middle of our Vineyard, Muralia, in the still largely undiscovered area know as the Maremma in southern Tuscany. If you are interested in booking vacations for your clients with us lets get a conversation going. You can check our our web site at http://www.ilpoggiarello.it and http://www.muralia.it.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon

  2. TWC: Now that you have that NC wine taste going you will understand why we started North Carolina Wine Gifts. We have wonderful award winning wines in NC. It is said that NC is on the tipping point for wine lovers to discover what we have here. Have fun and CHEERS from NC Wine Gifts.

    1. I’ve been to three NC wineries now: Biltmore, Brushy Mountain, and Childress. Hopefully I can visit more NC as well as VA wineries (I’m behind there, too!) Cheers!

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  4. What an awesome blog Beth! I love wine bloggers! One of my favorite connections is Conrad from the Wine Wankers!

    Thank you for taking the time to drop by my new homepage recently! I appreciate your support there!

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