Trentadue Winery

Many people outside of this area may not know of Trentadue, but Leo and Evelyn Trentadue are well known in Northern California as farming and winegrowing pioneers since the 1950s. *CLICK HERE TO READ*

Wine and Olive Oil

I’ve been on a bit of a writing ‘vacation’ since the fourth of July weekend, trying to sort out what I can continue to do in my increasingly limited spare time. I’ve enrolled in a wine marketing course this fall and I am being considered for a print writing opportunity, so I am at a point… More Wine and Olive Oil

The Donum Estate

The Donum Estate, formerly part of Buena Vista Winery’s Tula Vista Ranch before it was developed as an estate on its own, was created by winegrower Anne Moller-Racke, whose quest is to craft the best pinot noirs from their vineyards in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. *CLICK HERE TO READ*

Materra Cunat Family Vineyards

Materra, translated as Mother Earth in Latin, is the lifelong dream of the Cunat family, the reward of many years of entrepreneurship. The Cunats, an American-Asian blended family, brought with them to the Napa Valley their love of farming, fine cuisine, wine, and art to found their family vineyards in 2007. *CLICK HERE TO READ*

The Real Napa Valley

Many wineries in the Napa Valley craft stunning examples of cabernet sauvignon because the grape flourishes in our Mediterranean microclimates and varied soil types. However, the Napa Valley is more than corporations and cabernet sauvignon. In my most recent contribution to Snooth, I debunk this myth and share with you why common Napa Valley stereotypes are… More The Real Napa Valley

Summer Sippers

A few weeks ago, I decided to take a break from writing. I have many articles pending publication, so I felt like it was a good time to experience a summer break again. When I taught college, I had summers off, three months off. That is probably the one key thing I miss about teaching, time… More Summer Sippers